We rarely speak of our lineage to others. Setites have sometimes been viewed as simplistically demonic in nature, with little understanding of the true intent behind our methods. Such assumptions are wrong. We have met a rare few with a slight understanding of our lineage, and of our preparation for the return of Set. We are extremely cautious in our alliances, allowing for very few if any at all.

The Setites of the Weltenville Glen and villages live in their own comfort level within their eternal timeline. While the modern age rushes along its path for Weltenville, stepping into the Setites newly chosen homeland will bring you into our preferred culture. We have among us those who hold great age and are slower to accept the changes of each new modern society that blossoms in the world. The longer the “life” span, the slower the changes are accepted in lifestyle and society here. Therefore, we keep to the manners and dress codes of our preferences. Mainly this falls into Medieval times for the Lycans, and a more “modern” Victorian and Gothic style for the Setites. Even more modern day dress is sometimes seen in either the younger or more contrary Setites among us, but it is frowned upon and only barely tolerated in the elder and more traditional Setites.

When visiting the Setites, it is wise not to be frowned upon as a first impression, so kindly consider these dress codes as guidelines.