Welcome to Weltenville in SL.

We the Weltenville Villagers and Staff are pleased to welcome you to our Weltenville.

When you visit, you’ll find yourself touring a land filled with gorgeous details along the way, in a beautiful setting that spans from shoreline to mountains.

Weltenville will have you returning as a regular, not only for the beautiful lands here, but for the amazing variety of activities and interactions you will enjoy. Our Villagers and regulars – we like to just call them the crew — are a fun bunch of lively and intelligent folks who’ll engage your sense of adventure and humor.

Weltenville itself has an Orientation Center for new people complete with free items, an informational business district in the heart of our city blocks representing RL businesses, a full set of shopping areas, docks and beaches with access to over 100 Linden seas and oceans, the infamous Daemons Club (one of the most welcoming vampyre/lycan/demon-friendly clubs in SL), a Castle, some select private homes and rentals, and a Special Events area near the Conservatory.

Because some of the partners of Weltenville are bikers in the real world, running the BikerParties site of RL events, we have biker areas affiliated with Weltenville too! Check out our motorcycle riding track in the sky, based on the Bonneville Salt Flats and a great selection of rezz-and-ride outposts where you can either hop on your bike and ride, or hop on the nearby trains and travel in a different style, or just kick back with a few beers at NorTon John’s Biker Bar over at Leafminer a while, then head out on the highway there for some “iron butt” long rides if you have the stamina for that.

Go further up in the night sky, outside the atmosphere a bit, to visit our Space Station, while here. Have a seat at Orbit Bar, and then tour the Station for yourself.

Venues for many different forms of transport and travel are here at Weltenville: boats, yachts, horses, bikes, motorcycles and even small spacecraft. Ride on in. Or simply walk in, and be warmly welcomed here at Weltenville.